session details:

  • Each session is 20 minutes and costs $75. You will receive 10 digital images of your choice through an online gallery. If you are interested in additional images, you can purchase them for $5/image.
  • This setup is best suited for children ages 10 and under (as long as they can sit up on their own!).
  • All props and lemonade are included in the session and are cleaned/sanitized after EACH session!
  • Session will take place in Hamilton, NJ - location will be disclosed upon booking.
  • Dates will be released sometime in August :) Interested? Feel free to reach out to me,


Due to COVID-19, I want to ensure that I keep not only myself but my clients safe! As previously mentioned, all props are sanitized after EACH session. Cups and drink ware are thoroughly cleaned after each use. The lemonade is not made until the session starts, in order to ensure that it is fresh for the children! Due to these additional precautions, there will be limited availability with these mini sessions. Throughout the session, I will be following social distancing guidelines and I will be wearing a mask throughout.


  • Try to coordinate your outfit with the lemonade theme! IYou don't need to wear a lemon print dress/shirt of course, but try to stick to wearing lighter colors, white, or yellow!
  • Try to avoid patterns or logos - it may be too distracting and might compete with the background!
  • Try avoiding dark colors! Because the setup consists of dark wood, your child may blend in with the setup too much! You want them to shine through and stand out, so try to aim for lighter colors :)
  • For girls: Wearing flowy dresses/tops look great! You can even accessorize your outfit by wearing a bow in your hair, or by wearing a cute hairstyle!
  • For boys: White/blue button ups or polo shirts photograph beautifully with this setup! Like mentioned before, try to wear lighter colors, as it will make you stand out!
  • Make sure to dress your child in comfortable clothing! Although the session isn't too long, if you dress your child in uncomfy clothing, the photos might reflect that!


  • Bug spray - The lemonade stand will almost always be setup in a grassy area, so there may be bugs outside! I suggest wearing bug spray to avoid having children itch and pick at bug bites the whole time!
  • Food/water - Although lemonade is provided, some children might not even like lemonade! Make sure your child is well fed and hydrated prior to the session to make sure they are in the best mood! Sessions will take place outdoors, and with the summer heat, it makes everyone grumpy if we're hungry!
  • Favorite toy/blanket - Feel free to bring a prop or something meaningful to your child to help keep them at ease during the session! Bringing a stuffed animal friend also makes for cute photos of children interacting with their stuffed friend!
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