Hi! I am happy to announce that I am now introducing kids paint sessions for a limited time. There are limited bookings due to the additional precautions that I will be taking such as sanitizing all props before and after use. It is important to note that this sessions is not a family session and that it is meant for younger children which is great for friends, siblings or even children by themselves! All paint, smocks, brushes, and canvas boards will be included, and the kid(s) can take their art home with them! The paint I will be providing for the shoots are tempra, which means that it will wash out of your child's clothes. Aside from this, these sessions will be taking place within Mercer County. Everything can be setup at a park in your town! While I am only holding these sessions in the Mercer County area, I may be able to travel out of county for an additional travel fee. Interested? Feel free to send me an email if so to


Due to COVID-19, I want to ensure that I keep not only myself but my clients safe! As previously mentioned, all props are sanitized before and after each use. Following the session, smocks and sheets will be washed as well! Due to these additional precautions, there will be limited availability with these mini painting sessions. Throughout the session, I will be following social distancing guidelines and I will be wearing a mask throughout.

what should i wear?

For the kids mini painting session, you can dress them however! However, I recommend wearing white clothing. By doing so, it will stand out and you will be able to see the colors more vibrantly! For a little boy, he can wear navy shorts and a white top. For girls, a white dress/romper would look really cute! With tempra (washable) paint being used, having the items of clothes being stained is not an issue! Another option on what the child can wear is to dress them in a plain colored shirt and they can make use of the white smocks (while I have!)


All paints used during the session are advertised as TEMPERA paint - which is a washable paint. However, the session does get quite messy! Here is a helpful article on how to wash clothing with tempera paint:


Once the session is finished, the photographer will have wipes to provide to the parents to wipe their children down. It is suggested to bring a towel or something for the children to sit on for the car ride home to prevent staining along the way home!