One of the biggest requests that my clients have during photos is to include their pets in a few of the images. Pets are our most beloved family members, and since they're family, they should be allowed in a few shots!

The most important thing when including your pets in your photos is to make sure they are comfortable and calm! Even if you have the CRAZIEST pet, I can guarantee we can get at least one photo of your pet looking at the camera! To make sure your pet is comfortable, I will gladly greet myself to your pet so they can familiarize themselves with me! If your pet has a favorite toy or treat, bring them to our session! Most pets, ESPECIALLY dogs, love treats and toys, and they are a great way to reward/bribe them for good behavior.

I understand some pets can be insane, especially dogs, because I've been around dogs my whole life! I currently have two cocker spaniel dogs, who are both four years old - they are crazy, loud and even difficult to take photos of, so I do understand the struggle!

Sometimes, including your pets in your photos might require some patience and some extra time. No matter how excited, terrified or crazy your furry friend is, if you end up being patient, they will become calm and relaxed over time.