When it comes to booking a session with JENNAKPHOTOS, I try to make the process seamless. I immediately send you all the information I'm looking for such as if there is a location you had in mind, dates/times you prefer, and most importantly, which package you want to choose. For my services, I offer three packages - the petite, premium and the platinum. I have recommendations for each package and in order to decide which package is right for you, take a look at the list below.


What type of session do you hope to get done? Depending on the type of session, (family, maternity, cake smash, etc.), you may need more time for the session to make sure we cover everything you have in mind. For example, if you are interested in a cake smash, it would require more time than a couples session since a child typically needs more time.


To some, this may be an important factor. Typically, those who book a certain package are considering how many images they will receive. If you are only hoping to get a few images, you may want to consider the petite package if it alligns with your other answers to these questions.


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This also depends on what you hope to achieve - if you want more photos, you may need more time. You have the best idea of how the subjects in your session may act

which package do people usually use for sessions?

It is 100% up to you as the client depending on what you are hoping to achieve. However, here are some general recommendations of which packages people tend to choose based on which session they are looking for.

FAMILY SESSIONS: petite, premium

For family sessions, many people book all three sessions. It totally depends on if there are young children who may have trouble smiling, how many people for the session, and what you're hoping to achieve. In most instances, families with older children typically book the petite package which is up to 15 minutes long. However, those with young children tend to book a higher package to make sure there is enough time allotted for the session because it can be tricky with a shorter session in the event that children are not feeling it, etc.

couples sessions: petite

For couples session, most of my clients are often looking for just a few photos. Most clients for couples sessions choose the petite package which is up to 15 minutes and we achieve a variety of candid and posed shots.


When it comes to family sessions, often times smaller families choose the petite or premium session depending on the ages and amount of people in the session. However, extended family sessions require a lot more time and the platinum package is perfect for this session. The platinum package allows up to 90 minutes and includes more images which is perfect because we will be taking a ton of shots during this session! During this session, we capture a wide variety of shots such as the big group shot (with every person in it), individual families, individuals of children, all the adults together, etc.


For cake smash sessions, I recommend the premium or platinum sessions. Cake smash sessions are often done for a child's first birthday andto commeroate their first year! Most times, families book the premium package for the cake smash sessions. In other instances, some families book the platinum package and during the first half of the session, they use the time to get family photos. During the second half, we set up and do a cake smash session for the birthday boy or girl!


For couples session, most of my clients are often looking for just a few photos. With that in mind, I suggest the petite package or the premium package. Since these sessions only include two individuals, it is easier to pose and position the couple rather than an entire family so the session will be more fast paced, and the petite package is perfect for that.


Maternity sessions are such a joyful time! For these sessions, I recommend the petite or the premium package. Just like mentioned prior, it depends on how many people and how much time YOU think you may need as well. For maternity sessions with family, I recommend the premium session to ensure there is enough time for the session. If the maternity session is only for solo shots or couples looking for few photos, the petite package may be a great option to consider!


Newborn sessions are such a special time and a one time thing for most babies. With these sessions, I recommend the longer packages to make sure there is enough time to capture all the little joys and details of your new family. Families often opt for the premium or platinum package for this session. For those who may want a ton of photos or have more people (siblings, grandparents, etc), the platinum package is more ideal. However, for smaller families I think the premium package would be great and we will still be able to focus on individuals of the baby, a family group shot, mom with baby, dad with baby, etc.

are you ready to book your session?

I'd love to chat some more and get something scheduled. Please reach out to me via email at jennakardaszphotos@gmail.com to book a session or if you happen to have any questions.