Recently, I made the switch from using Google Photos to share photos, to using my own website! Now, the process is much more professional looking, and easier to use! However, if you are still confused, no worries!

About 1-3 days after our session you will receive an email with your online gallery attached. At the bottom of the email, there will be a download pin - this pin is required to download your images without a watermark! Write that pin down, or just copy and paste it to save it for later when you start to download your images! Once you have your pin, click on the box in your email that says "VIEW IMAGES". Once you click on the box, boom - your images should appear! In the gallery, you might notice there are watermarks on the images. To remove the watermarks, you will need to actually download the images by clicking the three dots in the corner and clicking "download". This is when you'll need your pin, so there will be a screen that asks for an email and your pin - fill out the information, and you will get an email within seconds!

On your online gallery, there is also a store feature! I have had several requests for prints, and while I was not offering any for the longest time, now I am! These prints are great quality and come from a professional lab where they can guarantee your images will look great when printed!

If you encounter any problems while downloading, viewing, or even purchasing prints for your images, please let me know as soon as you can so we can resolve the problem!