Session will be at the gazebo in Weeden Park! You may park at the post office, but please try not to arrive too-too early for your session, as we do not want to take up customer parking spaces at the post office!


Incase of rain, we will need to reschedule our session. I typically send out rescheduling emails the day before our scheduled session. Please be on standby in case rain is on the radar for our session. If so, you will be sent a few dates that we can reschedule our session to and further discuss.


I suggest basing your outfits around this color palette. Look at about 1-3 colors to base you and your families outfits around, then have variations of those colors such as lighter and darker shades of the color you chose!

- Try to avoid patterns in clothing. If you are wearing patterns, make sure to wear minimal so they don't clash with one another

- Avoid logos or flashy designs. Often times, people want their photos to appear timeless, and sometimes logos may not be a good fit for what you're looking for!


For great holiday photos, here are a few of my favorite outfit pieces that remind me of the holidays! of course, feel free to dress however, but I know many people want suggestions on what to wear :)

- Vest

- Layering up

- Sweaters

- Flannels/flannel print

- Cardigans

- Boots

- Tights

- Denim


Please make sure to arrive to your session on time - if you are late, that will cut into the time of your session and you will not be able to get that time back (unless there was an error by photographer).

If you arrive late to your session, the late time will not be refunded or extended. Please make sure to arrive to your session on time or at least five minutes prior, to avoid being late.


This is a paragraph. Click edit and enter your own text. You can make changes like making the text bold, underline or italic. This is a great place for you to tell your clients more about your story and to describe the type of photographer you are. You can come back at any time to make more changes.

- Through your online gallery you will also be able to purchase prints, canvases, cards and more with your favorite images.

- When ordering prints, your order will be fulfilled by a professional printing lab who will guarantee the quality of your photographs will be better compared to printing through services such as cvs, target, walgreens, etc.

- You will be able to print your own photos as well if you wish with the digital images you download. If you would like to print your own photos, please reach out to me for a print release (some companies require you to have a print release from your photographer!)


- As part of the session, you will receive 3 digital images of your choice. You will be sent a gallery with your photos and will be able to choose the photos you would like, which were included in your session.

- You may purchase additional images for $5/image, or the entire gallery for a discounted price (if interested in the whole gallery, you will be sent a price for the entire gallery depending on how many images were taken during your session)

- You can expect your photos approx. 3-5 days after your scheduled session. please be patient when receiving your photos, as I am a full time student at the moment and will try my best to edit/look over your session when I can! 5 days will be the absolute latest you will have to wait.


- Please make sure to arrive for your session at least five minutes prior to your scheduled time.

- I will be having back to back sessions, so in case you arrive tardy, I cannot guarantee I can make up for any tardiness!

- If you have little ones, please make sure they are well fed and hydrated! We don't want cranky kids, we want some great smiles!

I cannot wait for our session and I cannot wait to meet you and your families! If you have any questions now until our session, please email me at

thank you,

jenna kardasz from jennakphotos

Weeden Park